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I got married in 2004. A little over a year later my wife and I welcomed our daughter. 5 months after that I graduated as a Chiropractor and 7 months after that we moved 2 hours south to start a business. In May of 2008, after 1.5 years in business, our son was born with dwarfism, which is very rare. This was unexpected and we were left with more questions than answers. Some of the complications of being born with dwarfism affected his health.

Over the next 12 months he spent a total of 6 months in a hospital 2 hours away from our new home. We were stressed in every aspect of life including mental, physical, emotional, chemical, and financial. My focus shifted from running a business, making money, and supporting a family to keep my son alive and my family together. Exercise, eating properly, and my health in general weren’t things I was concerned about. As a result, my health relationship with my wife, finances, career, and faith declined.

I didn’t recognize or even like myself when looking in the mirror. I felt as if I had no choice but to focus on my son and family. The problem is, if I was not taking care of myself I would not be able to take care of my family. One day I recognized this was not heading in a direction I wanted and if it continued I would end up being in a place I did not want to be. At that moment I decided to make a change, but how? What should I do? Where should I start? This is when “Fix Your BS” was created. I took everything I knew and had learned in life and applied it in this program.


This project welled up from deep in my soul. I want to make a difference while I am here. I want my life experience to help others achieve the life they desire quicker than I did. I want to leave a legacy of principles that will never change for generations to come helping millions of people in the process.

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